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iBuddy Dog Seat Belt for Cars

iBuddy Dog Seat Belt for Cars

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Headrest Seat Belt for Dogs with Locking Carabiner & Elastic Buffer

 The iBuddy Dog Seat Belt for Cars keeps your dog safe and secure during car travel. Its dual-safe locking carabiner, high-density nylon construction, and elastic buffer design provide ultimate protection and comfort. Use it as a seat belt or a leash without any adjustments needed.

 Main Advantages of Headrest Restraint over Conventional Seatbelts:

  • Less risk of seat belt getting tangled around your dog's legs
  • Less risk of your dog chewing on the seat belt or accidentally detaching the seat belt by stepping on the seat belt clip
  • Velcro openings in rear seat cover can be kept closed preventing dog hair, dirt and dust from falling under the rear seat cover


Colour: Black and yellow
Materials: High density nylon webbing and zinc diecast components
Dimensions: L41.2-54.5cm x W 2.5cm

The iBuddy Dog Seat Belt for Cars is the perfect solution to keep your dog safe while driving. Its headrest attachment prevents tangling and chewing, while the elastic buffer design protects from sudden braking. You can also use it as a short leash. Made with durable materials, it is fully adjustable and compatible with most cars. Plus, it comes with a one-year warranty!
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