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Ultimate Dog Nail Grinder

Ultimate Dog Nail Grinder

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Ultimate Dog Nail Grinder with 12 month warranty

Pet Parlour Rechargeable 2-Speed Dog Nail Grinder Kit


The Pet Parlour Rechargeable 2-Speed Dog Nail Grinder is the best on the market, offering safety, affordability, proper lighting, multiple speeds, and minimal noise. Let's take a closer look at its impressive features.


LED Light


Dogs often squirm during nail clipping because of the risk of getting hurt. However, our nail grinder comes with a built-in LED light to help you avoid cutting the blood level and causing harm to your pup. This makes nail cutting day much easier and your dog more relaxed.


Low Noise Nail Grinder

Reduce noise and anxiety for your dog during nail grinding with Pet Parlour's quiet and easy-to-use grinder.

Two Speeds


Pet Parlour's quiet, dual-speed tool easily adapts to your dog's nail length and size, providing precision and force.


Cordless and Rechargeable


The USB rechargeable battery of the Pet Parlour Nail Grinder saves money in the long run as it can run for 3 hours without needing a charge. The tool requires a cord only for charging and is cordless when in use. Easy to control, the Pet Parlour Grinder makes nail-trimming effortless.


Double Grinding Head and Easy Cleaning


Double grinding head for easy filing of nails on large and small animals. Dual ports for simple access and cleaning, no hassle. Detachable head cover for easy cleaning and replacement of grinding head. Reviews rave about the simple clean-up process with no complaints.


How to Cut Dog Nails Using a Nail Grinder


Nail grinding requires precautions, such as ensuring your dog is comfortable and using small sections at a time to avoid cutting too close to the blood level. Be mindful of your dog's sensitivities and adjust the position if needed. Introduce them to the grinder gradually and always pull back long hair to prevent it from getting caught. The Pet Parlour Rechargeable Grinder offers convenience and eliminates risks for a comfortable nail trimming experience.
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