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Floofi Pet Water Fountain 2.4L with Stainless Steel

Floofi Pet Water Fountain 2.4L with Stainless Steel

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 Experience the ultimate pet hydration with the Floofi Pet Water Fountain 2.4L! Crafted with durable and eco-friendly materials, such as antibacterial PP plastic and high grade stainless steel, this fountain ensures easy cleaning and offers a sleek design. The intelligent pump, featuring a blue DC-pump and customised suction cup, operates quietly to prevent any disturbance. Plus, the circulating filtration system, equipped with a replaceable filter, guarantees only purified water for your furry friend. With 3 water modes to choose from - Flower Waterfall, Flower Bubbles, and Gentle fountain - your pet will be encouraged to drink more water and stay hydrated. Trust in the cotton layers, coconut shell activated carbons, and ion exchange resin of each filter to keep the water fresh and clean.

  • Disclaimer: Adapter are not included, Power input recommended 5V 1A


  • Brand: Floofi
  • Color: Grey
  • Type: Water Fountain
  • Material: PP + Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 2.4L
  • Bowls: 1


  • Pet water Fountain: x 1
  • Filter: x 1
  • User Guide: x 1
  • Pump: x 1
  • Faucet Water Outlet: x 1
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